Uchenna Onwuamaegbu Ugwu Visits Oliona (Onitsha Literary Group)

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When I saw Remi at Oliona 3.0, I thought he has repented. He never missed any of our meetings but this last Sunday, he was unusually early.

He told me he had another engagement that was running concurrently with Oliona. He wouldn’t have made it to our gathering; however, he was there for a singular purpose – to meet Uchenna Onwuamaegbu Ugwu


Sunday was my first time of meeting her and from the moment she stood before the mic to tell her story, I fell under her spell. Every word she spoke was inspirational and she confidently did that organically. Her passion for social change was totally void of artifice as she passed, from every part of her, the message of hope.

Uche Onwuamaegbu Ugwu is more than what Google said she is. Asides being a teacher, she sees the beauty in humanity. She spoke as if there are untapped resources in the society that beg for us to exploit. Her words were not like the usual orchestrated motivational speeches. No, she told her story in the plainest way she could: how she spotted a gap in the society and decided to fill it up. She talked about the rejections she never accepted and the simplest way she defined success.

She had a way of making her story unforgettable. I still think of the way she narrated her journey with the schoolgirls to San Francisco, USA. The ease with which she said that even before the main contest, she counted it a success that those girls would enjoy what she never enjoyed at their age – travelling abroad. I could still visualize how the girls wrongly occupied the business class of the plane and how Uche permitted them to their ignorance. Every scene she created was vivid. Uchenna is a beautiful soul – one of the sweetest souls I have met so far in this life.

I won’t speak for everybody there present but Uchenna gave me more than just a reason to live for humanity. She switched on a button in me that urges me to do more.

I left Oliona 3.0 priding in the fact that I was right about Onitsha. Yes, I was so right.


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Ozioma (Ozii Baba) Anieto