Uchenna Onwuamaegbu Ugwu Visits Oliona (Onitsha Literary Group)

Uchenna Onwuamaegbu Ugwu Visits Oliona (Onitsha Literary Group)


When I saw Remi at Oliona 3.0, I thought he has repented. He never missed any of our meetings but this last Sunday, he was unusually early.

He told me he had another engagement that was running concurrently with Oliona. He wouldn’t have made it to our gathering; however, he was there for a singular purpose – to meet Uchenna Onwuamaegbu Ugwu


Sunday was my first time of meeting her and from the moment she stood before the mic to tell her story, I fell under her spell. Every word she spoke was inspirational and she confidently did that organically. Her passion for social change was totally void of artifice as she passed, from every part of her, the message of hope.

Uche Onwuamaegbu Ugwu is more than what Google said she is. Asides being a teacher, she sees the beauty in humanity. She spoke as if there are untapped resources in the society that beg for us to exploit. Her words were not like the usual orchestrated motivational speeches. No, she told her story in the plainest way she could: how she spotted a gap in the society and decided to fill it up. She talked about the rejections she never accepted and the simplest way she defined success.

She had a way of making her story unforgettable. I still think of the way she narrated her journey with the schoolgirls to San Francisco, USA. The ease with which she said that even before the main contest, she counted it a success that those girls would enjoy what she never enjoyed at their age – travelling abroad. I could still visualize how the girls wrongly occupied the business class of the plane and how Uche permitted them to their ignorance. Every scene she created was vivid. Uchenna is a beautiful soul – one of the sweetest souls I have met so far in this life.

I won’t speak for everybody there present but Uchenna gave me more than just a reason to live for humanity. She switched on a button in me that urges me to do more.

I left Oliona 3.0 priding in the fact that I was right about Onitsha. Yes, I was so right.


Written By

Ozioma (Ozii Baba) Anieto




As reactions follow after the 86th Posthumous Birthday celebration of Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, a Facebook author wrote this about Bianca Ojukwu:

No wonder Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu insisted on marrying her even when Chief C.C Onoh, her father who was as at then a very fearful leader in Enugu state refused to join them as husband and wife.

Despite the refusal of her father, the Ezeigbo Gburugburu insisted on taking Bianca to Nnewi and when reasons prevailed, Onoh had no choice than to release the ”list of Igbankwu ndi Ngwo” to Ikemba.

While many were seeing beauty, Ojukwu was seeing a bold, courageous and mother general in Bianca.

There is no doubt that she is living up to that sagacity. Yesterday, Iyom Bianca Odimegwu Ojukwu sent a bold message to gov Obiano through his deputy, Dr Nkem Okeke at the Posthumous Memorial Birthday Lecture.

Bianca told Nkem Okeke to tell gov Obiano that he is an ingrate.

She said, “This is the second time the event is holding and Obiano doesn’t want to attend by himself, …tell him that he is gratuitously handing over the credentials for history to call him an ingrate, who step on fingers of all the benefactors that held the ladder for him to climb to political power.”

For those who denied the statement from the SSG that evil spirits have taken over the govt house, Iyom Bianca Ojukwu again turned to Dr Nkem Okeke, the deputy governor and sent another message to the governor. “Tell Obiano that there is no evil spirit in the venue of Ojukwu memorial lecture.”

Bianca is truly the wife of Ikemba. She is not just beautiful, she is bold like her father and courageous like her husband.

I do not know how Dr Nkem Okeke will deliver Bianca’s message to his boss. It is a huge task on him.

Bianca has sent the message, it is the duty of the Deputy Governor to deliver it.

AIF Media



Knowledge they say, is power. This is only true if one understands it’s translation and application to real life situations._

*Dr. Godwin Maduka could be described as a total package. Like a meteor, he was destined by providence to burn so that the world may be lighted. He has been described as one whose magnanimity has touched every sphere of human endeavor within and outside his immediate environment.*

Born to the family of Maduka in Umuchukwu community in Orumba South LGA of Anambra State, he had his early childhood education in Nigeria before leaving for the United States of America under scholarship where he studied Chemistry, Pharmacy and later on medicine.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Rust College, Mississippi in 1984. In 1988, he obtained his Doctorate degree in Pharmacy from Mercer University, Georgia. Earned his Doctorate degree in Medicine in 1993 from the University of Tennessee. Completed his Residency and Post-Graduate training at the Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard Medical School in 1997 and was certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology in 1998.

From defeating a background of excruciating poverty, to qualifying as a Chemist, obtaining a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy and a Post Graduate Medical Degree from Harvard is not only mind blowing, but inspiring too. In about 25 years of practice Dr. Maduka has built six hospitals in Las Vegas Nevada area. His Las Vegas Pain Institute has been rated the best in Pain Management in the United States. He’s an adjunct professor at Touro University School of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Maduka is the *CEO* and Medical Director of *Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Centre*, which is the largest Pain Treatment Centre in Nevada, US. He has become a global authority in chronic and acute pain management, anesthesiology, and interventional pain management.

*The Lion of Africa (as he is known) has received a number of awards, which includes:*
_Prestigious Heart Beat of Africa Award_
_Top 100 Men of Success & Top 100 Doctors/Dentists – My Vegas Magazine_
_Africa’s Most Inspirational Developmental Entrepreneur and Philanthropist – PAMA_
_Man of the Year award – Unique Club of Las Vegas_

Being a beneficiary of quality education, he has continued to support and encourage younger generations in their various fields and levels of academic pursuit. Remarkably, he has continued to award full scholarships to hundreds of indigent students in his town, Anambra State and all over Eastern Nigeria.

Whoever says _“nothing lasts forever”_ is simply ignorant of over a million ways Dr. Maduka has touched lives. When he speaks, minds are inspired by his story of how he evolved from a humble background, translated his education into success and dedicates it all to the service of God and mankind.

Asides being a successful renowned medical practitioner, Dr Maduka has remained a focused, firm, fantastic and God fearing humanitarian.




Knowing that approximately 103 million Nigerians uses the internet, growing business online in Nigeria is the smartest thing any entrepreneur must focus on. In fact, any business owner that is yet to either create a Facebook Business Page, or an Instagram page doesn’t know what he/she is missing. And like I will always say, whenever you have the opportunity to tell people about your business, utilize it.

These days, there are many ways to tell millions of people about your business, and fortunately, they are almost free! 

 This article is to tell you a few basic things you can do if growing your business online in Nigeria is all you want.

1. You Can Start With Social Media:

Social Media is a quick, simple and cheap way for businesses to establish an online presence. In Nigeria, Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp has become a second world to online users. There is no easier way of growing your business online in Nigeria than using the platform; however, to decide on Social Media to use, one should understand the fundamentals of different platforms.

For example: A Clothing Business will do better on Instagram than on Facebook.

2. Add Your Business To Google-My-Business:

Google My Business is an Internet-based service for business owners and operated by Google that allows business owners to verify their own business data via creating a new profile or claiming an existing auto-generated profile. When you add your business to Google-My-Business, it will be easier for people in your locality to find your business and your address would become visible to Google Maps.

This service is totally free and would give your business more visibility online.

To add your business to Google, click: Google-My-Business

3. Create A Website:

Creating a website for your business is a beautiful thing. It gives you the absolute control of the platform and you can easily advertise all you can offer as a company. One can easily integrate a website to social media. However, to generate organic traffics, there are technical approaches one can easily learn.

To run a website offers various options: there are free options and paid options. Not every business needs a website, but if your business does, you should create one for your business.

4. List Your Business In An Online Local Directory

This is one of the best options of being discoverable through search engines. Business Directory allows you to add your business details online so that you can easily be found by people searching for you or your services. Business Directory offers you benefits like:

  • Increase the likelihood of being discovered through search engines like Google, Bing, e.t.c
  • Make it easier for online users to find your business phone number and address and basic information about your business.

Final Thought

You can see how easy it is to advertise your business using an ordinary smartphone. Many people has employed the above stated options and turned their local hustles into a big brand. It is as easy as making a call with a phone but as powerful as placing an advert in CNN. The beauty of it is that and you can start now.